Carscallen Property



The property has unverified grab sample results, supporting photographic evidence of structurally controlled vein quartz intrusions as well as evidence of vein swarming. The original prospectors (supposedly Doug Lalonde and Gilles Allaire) drew a correlation between the veining and the gold mineralisation. A photography of a typical sampling site is shown in Figure 2. The proposed association is realistic although a verification process needs to be carried out. Grab sample values of the veining range between 3.03g/t and 3.13 g/t. Historical reports have indicated values of 4.51oz/t gold and 2.11oz/t silver. A total of three samples were taken and analysed at an undisclosed laboratory. It must be noted that there is no recorded position for the actual sampling positions but it is assumed to be related to and within an area called the 'strip area' and within the lease area. The sampling was done around November 2013. Further evidence of mining activity in the area are the remnants and collar position of three shafts found on the property. It is evident that the shaft positions strike in the same direction as the regional geological ultramafic unit suggesting a mineralisation associated with the interface of the ultramafic and mafic rock masses.

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